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Information Technology » Website Maintenance Services
Website Maintenance Services

In order to ensure our clients’ peace of mind while using our website maintenance services, we offer 9-days FREE TRIAL of our service.

Website Maintenance Services

However, there are the following terms and conditions to avail this facility:

  • 9 days is the maximum free trial period we can offer. Availability of free trial service is limited and fewer days can be offered depending on the work load.
  • In order to avail our free trial facility, the customer will have to enter into at least 2 months’ contract of service, of which maximum 9 days can be offered for free.
  • If you do not wish to enter into a 2 month contract, you can use our regular website maintenance service. In the regular plan, you do not enter into any contract or long-term commitments, and you simply have to pay as and when you need our services.

To discuss your website maintenance requirements in detail, please use our live chat option or contact us now.

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