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Information Technology » SEO Friendly Web Design
SEO Friendly Web Design

An SEO friendly web design requires adequate awareness about SEO, and for this the designer must keep in mind that his goal is only to make the website attractive visually but it is also required to Search engine friendly so that needed recognition on the search engines is attained.

An SEO friendly website contains a few key qualities and precautions, and due to these precautions the website becomes able to attract the targeted customers.

Following are a few calibers that are possessed by a SEO friendly website. If the duty of making the website SEO friendly is outsourced the providers will be responsible for making the website have these qualities:

  • An SEO friendly website does not contain left hand menu, and if it is inevitable, some rich text should be placed above the left-hand menu.
  • The headings and titles should contain keywords.
  • Flash should be used at the least possible because it makes the pages to load slowly and it also cannot be indexed easily by the search engines.
  • Graphics ought to be used extremely sensibly as they also can not be read by the search engines; but the use of graphics is crucial so while using them to make your website search engine friendly relevant and useful tags should be placed.
  • Rather than image links text links should be used as they are more liked by the search engines.
  • Frames also must be avoided as they are also not liked by the search engines.

To make a web design SEO friendly all these precautions must be kept under consideration. But to succeed in making a website design SEO friendly the designer must be SEO literate; and for this you must hire the services of some outsourcing provider who knows his job making a website SEO friendly.

iSource Biz provides a complete set of outsourcing solutions which includes every sort of services that can make life far easier and can raise the success bar of your business.

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