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Investment Research » Outsourcing Investment Research
Outsourcing Investment Research

Investment Research: Investment research is the assessment of constituents that determine the performance of an investment or the establishment that makes that investment.

You should outsource investment research to iSource Biz because:

If you are willing to outsource investment research to iSource Biz; we have got a huge amount of services to offer, these services include:

  • Country-Wise Investment opportunity evaluation.
  • Country-Wise Investment risks evaluation.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Forecast of financial statements.
  • Valuation, both absolute (DCF analysis) and relative (based on PE, PS, EV/EBITDA and other multiples).
  • Company profile (analysis of business model, products, assets etc.).
  • Financial statement analysis.
  • Industry analysis.
  • Buy-side Research i.e., maintaining databases of stocks and producing periodic reports.
  • Sell-side Research i.e., providing data and analysis reports.

Outsource investment research to have rapid and useful solutions:

When you consider to outsource investment research, you should have in mind that it differs substantially from the outsourcing of back-office technology affairs.

In spite of huge success of investment research outsourcing (IRO) it is true that there are still doubts and confusions when people consult somebody to outsource the investment research; because investment research outsourcing is still very new, people have questions that why should they outsource investment research and how can it help. iSource Biz ensures excellent service and full customer satisfaction. When we are approached to outsource investment research, we have a certain set of rules that we follow at any cost.

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