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Why should you outsource?

Outsourcing refers to the transfer of routine back office functions of a business to an external firm which provides world-class services. Outsourcing companies provide their services to other companies as a result of a contract. The jobs which are outsourced can also be done in-house by the employees of the company that is willing to outsource its tasks, but due to certain factors it becomes difficult for the firms to carry out and manage those tasks and that’s why they feel the need to outsource their work. The rapidly changing technologies and business competition that is increasing at an accelerated pace makes them face hurdles in carrying out tasks efficiently. Another reason that makes outsourcing essential is that the business holders should focus entirely on the strategic plans and other issues that can help them expand their businesses and they should leave other responsibilities on us- We at iSource Biz! Outsourcing provides wonderful results, as we take the responsibility of numerous business tasks and help the firms save their time and decrease the expenditures that are needed to be spent on huge amounts of resources.

Advantages Outsourcing provides:

Doubled Effectiveness: The companies which have to do all the tasks themselves suffer from high pricing and low production, they have to suffer from time management issues because they have to handle numerous tasks in given deadlines and then eventually have to spend a lot on the research, marketing, and distribution processes. Where as the companies that outsource their tasks get them done in time with superior accuracy levels, and thus get great advantages in the competitive environment.

Reduced Training and hiring expenses: Companies have to arrange certain training sessions for some complex yet very essential tasks, this makes them spend a lot on hiring qualified trainers and buying latest equipments, and some times companies also have to hire temporary employees for short term projects which hardly meet the expectations of the employers, and as a result huge mess gets created; on the contrary, outsourcing provides companies cost effective and high level services, and prevent them from all such difficult, time consuming and expensive procedures.

Rapid Startups: Companies encounter moments when they have to start new projects on urgent basis but do not have the proper arrangements. As starting of new projects requires hiring of competent people, trainings, and also requires increased workspace and new technologies, and this setting up process takes months and rapid startups become impossible but outsourcing provides a solution to this, by providing the facility to start new projects quickly.

So in short, the firms that benefit form outsourcing… lead the pace!

iSource Biz Gives New Meanings to Outsourcing

The above mentioned benefits of outsourcing are hundred percent true, but we have got our unique way of satisfying our customers- We want our customers to be fully satisfied as we don’t want them to face any stress because this stress can make them face losses in their business. Our unique selling points include:

  • We provide Cost effective and superior quality solutions.
  • We provide Customized services – We tailor our services based on the needs/requirements of our customers.
  • We provide our customers access to a wide range of solutions under one roof.
  • We provide 24/7 Customer Service through Phone, Live Chat and Email.
  • Our motto is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers!

Our Unique Delivery Model:

The way we deliver our services is simple yet most convenient for our customers, we not only provide outsourcing services but make sure the full satisfaction and relaxation of our customers. We, at iSource Biz have a fool proof delivery model, which guarantees 100% satisfaction. Our Delivery model can be defined in the following easy steps:

  • Our sales team receives the project descriptions or the set of requirements from our customers.
  • These project descriptions and requirements are then passed to our Project Manager.
  • Project Manager gets in direct touch with the customer, presents ideas and comes up with a customized solution that best suits the customer’s requirements .
  • After getting customer’s approval on the proposed solutions, our team starts working on the project under the supervision of Project Manager.
  • Regular updates are sent to the customer and our customers can stay updated with the progress by communicating directly with the project manager during the process.
  • Completed project is sent to the customer for feedback.
  • Project manager stays in touch with the customer, until full satisfaction is attained by our precious customer.

We at iSource Biz are well equipped, have the best professionals, streamlined methods to conduct the operations, and in addition to this, we have the latest technologies to which the business owners have no access due to their sky high costs and lack of well trained staff to handle. We are here to cater you our unique services; as we are here to give new meanings to outsourcing!.

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