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Investment Research » Outsource Ratio Analysis
Outsource Ratio Analysis

Analysis of financial ratios is exercised to indicate the firm’s performance and financial situation in the market. Through ratio analysis financial stability of a firm can be determined and market trends can be analyzed by comparing financial statements with other firms.

Ratio analysis is classified into two broad areas:

1- Balance Sheet Analysis

In balance sheet ratio analysis, liquidity ratios, current ratios, quick ratios, working capital, and leverage ratios are analyzed to quantify the liquidity and solvency of a firm.

2- Income Statement Analysis

Gross margin ratios, management ratios, inventory turnover ratios, net profit margin ratios, account receivable turnover ratios, return on asset and investment ratios, are canvassed to measure profitability.

Outsourcing is the best solution for financial ratios analysis, because ratio analysis is a time consuming and frenzied work, and need valuable resources to workout financial ratio analysis.

iSource biz is an outsourcing firm having expertise in offshore ratio analysis in outsourcing occupation. Experts at iSource Biz are practiced in performing ratio analysis in both balance sheet and income statement ratio analysis.

We are equipped with all the tools required for offshore financial ratio analysis. From start to end, we keep high attention on every aspect of offshore financial ratios analysis and leave nothing in producing precise results in ratio analysis.

iSource Biz gives high weightage on customized and customer focused services on offshore outsourcing. Services we provide are handled by a team of our multi talented stuff, with a promise of timely completion and cost effectiveness.

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