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Outsource Investment Research » Investment Analysis Services
Investment Analysis Services

When you outsource your investment analysis services to iSource Biz, we guarantee you extremely useful evaluations that can guide you thoroughly in your investment process, as we know that your assets are very valuable for you and you don’t want to loose them! Being loyal providers; our analysis are absolutely aboveboard so you can trust our analysis and can apply the appraisals in your business, since iSource Biz assures you sky high profits as the results of the appraisals.

Investment Analysis Services At iSource Biz:

iSource Biz provides various services to our valued customers, a brief account of the services is as follows:

  • A very vital investment analysis service is Country-Wise Investment opportunity evaluation’, we know that circumstances vary from country to country and so change the investment opportunities, that is why we have our unique Country wise investment opportunity evaluation which is exceedingly crucial; it has the answers to all the strategic queries concerning a constituted business venture. It’s an extremely useful Investment analysis service that iSource provide provide.
  • Country-Wise Investment risks evaluation is another investment analysis service we offer. Investment risk Evaluations let the business owners know that if they should bang on with the planning of a particular project or there are some hazards and they should stop.
  • SWOT analysis is a very essential investment analysis service and a tremendous tool that helps understand the business situations and also is helpful in the decision making process. iSource Biz provides SWOT analysis to the customers and helps them bring forward their business and guides them in the investment process.
  • Valuations are used to get the estimates of the effectiveness of an investment. Our Investment analysis service provides DSF analysis which is a highly effective tool; we also provide the most frequently used valuation method that is relative valuation.
  • We maintain databases of stocks and produce periodic reports through buy-side analysis, which tells whether the investment is suitable for the firm or not. And the sell-side analysis concentrates on potential investments for the company.

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