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Investment Research»Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis

iSource Biz provides specialized financial research and analysis outsourcing services fetching the ultimate advantage of cost saving to customers. We house a team of professional analysts who work for you to ensure that you get high quality financial research and analysis at truly minimized costs.

Our financial research and analysis service is independent, reliable and cost-effective. Outsourcing financial analysis to us will enable you to assign this crucial task to professional and specialized team of analysts and you will be able to concentrate on your core business strategies.

The financial research and analysis services that you can outsource to iSource Biz include:

Financial statement Analysis

Analysis of financial statements allows us to gain an insight into the financial health of any company; it’s past financial performance, present financial position and future prospects. It highlights any strengths or weaknesses of a company with respect to its assets, credit risks, solvency risks and investment potential etc.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis encompasses the analysis and prudent evaluation of a company’s financial data, competition and overall industry and economic scenario. Fundamental analysis is done with the help of various tools such as Earnings per Share analysis, Price to Earnings ratio, Projected Earnings Growth, Price to Sales, Price to Books, Dividend Payout ratio, Dividend Yield, Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE) etc.

Technical Analysis

With the help of technical analysis, future stock price movements is predicted through past price trends. Technical analysts study the past stock price movements thoroughly to identify any trends or patterns which can help predict future prices of the stock.

Our technical analysts can conduct technical research on any stock/market across the globe and present an in-depth analysis with the help of sophisticated graphs/charts.

Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial ratio analysis is about comparing various items reported in a company’s income statements, balance sheet and cash flow statement of present and past years to highlight the company’s profitability, management efficiency, short and long term credit analysis, investment potency and liquidity position. Financial ratio analysis of any company is important for several parties including:

  • Investors
  • Shareholders
  • Management / Employees
  • Researchers

iSource Biz provides independent financial ratio analysis conducted on any company of your choice. We will help you dissect a company’s annual report and gain factual insights into its real financial position and performance.

Break-even, NPV, IRR & Feasibility Analysis

Our services also include break-even, NPV, IRR and feasibility analysis of new projects to help you analyze the profitability and financial prospects of your projects.

Competitor / Industry Analysis

You can outsource financial analysis to iSource Biz to peep into the financial position and performance of competitor companies as well as whole industry to use it as a benchmark for any company’s performance. This analysis also reveals the key drivers for financial performance of other companies in the same industry.

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