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Customized Marketing

 By definition when a specific product is tailored to the needs of an individual customer, this is called Customized marketing. Companies that have expensive products such as an aero plane specifically designed to meet the need of a particular customer generally practice customized marketing. It can also refer to the manufacture of products that strictly target few particular audiences. So, shortly customized marketing is a form of marketing that is ultimately targeted.

Marketers know very well that without proper marketing there is no future of their business. And this should also be known that all the businesses are not the same and that is why require their own unparalleled marketing plans. And this is the purpose; customized marketing has come into existence.

If someone is launching a new product, he ought to go for customized marketing. Before a new venture is being launched, business owner must have the complete idea about his position in the market, his competitors and the pros and cons of his business. He must be confident about the strengths of his business and the characteristics that distinct his business from the other ones must be well known to him. All these factors will help him constitute a successful customized marketing strategy.

There are many marketing firms out there that will offer customized marketing solutions; however, not all firms are the same. Some will say that they will customize their marketing plans for you, but really make no effort to do so, and instead just give you the same marketing plan that the firm gives to everyone else.

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